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Will Bowes’ Character!

This week on The Kelly Alexander Show we chat with Toronto-based actor, director, singer and songwriter Will Bowes who has released his debut album called "Character." We also welcome Canadian pop artist Gabriela Geneva talking about her single called "Sweeter" and what it was like to head over to South Korea for a songwriting experience. New music for you to check out too from Norah Jones, Niall Horan and Ava Max. Thank you for listening!

Dirty Honey’s Wild Ride!

This week we chat with Marc Labelle lead singer of rising rock band Dirty Honey who have caught the attention of Guns N' Roses, The Who and Slash. We also speak with renowned trumpeter Paul Merkelo who's been a principal trumpet with the Montreal Symphony Orchestra since 1995. New music for you to check out from Lady Gaga, Jessie Ware, Sza and Justin Timberlake. Thank you for listening!

Featurette - Dream Riot!

This week we chat with Toronto-based electro-pop group Featurette talking about their latest album "Dream Riot." We're joined as well by Canadian-born but New Zealand living recording artist Tami Neilson discussing her new album "Chickaboom." New music on the way too from Justin Bieber and Tame Impala. Thank you for listening!

Jocelyn Alice - How Dare You?

This week we chat with platinum-selling Canadian singer-songwriter Jocelyn Alice who rose to fame with her 2015 song Jackpot which stayed in the Top 20 for 15 consecutive weeks. Jocelyn has released her debut album "How Dare You" and we learn all about it. We're joined as well by one of the 90's most prolific music executives, Gladys Pizarro, who played a huge role in many of the hit dance songs from that era when she was a part of Strictly Rhythm Records. New music on the way too from Mary J. Blige, Harry Styles and Emotional Oranges, thank you for listening!

Classified Continues His Musical Journey!

This week on The Kelly Alexander Show we chat with Canadian Hip Hop artist Classified about his new collaboration with fellow Canadian hip hop star Choclair. We also welcome Toronto based producer, DJ and EDM artist Tep No talking about his rising career and working with artists like platinum-selling singer-songwriter Jocelyn Alice. New music on the way for you as well from Coldplay, Jeff Goldblum and Alanis Morissette. Thank you for listening!